Camp Washington one of five Engage-Cincy Awards for mobile food and art cart

Camp Washington Food and Community Asset Map – Brochure

Camp Washington Art and Mobile Produce (CAMP)

Team: Joseph Gorman, Cal & Skip Cullen, and Alan Wight

The purpose of the CAMP project is to increase healthy produce access for Camp Washington residents living in a food desert. Produce is grown and made available through a close partnership with the Camp Washington Urban Farm and its other local agricultural partners, Barr Farm, Apple Street Market, Camp Cupboard and others.

A rolling piece of art, the mobile produce cart will physically bring to families fresh produce, as well as offer make-it-take-it arts and crafts activities related to food awareness and education.

The CAMP project also aims to educate and raise food consciousness. They will use the Food Mapping method: a community-based activity that creates art while mapping food sources and conversing with neighbors about the personal health, community, economic, and ecological impacts of our food systems.

The CAMP project targets real problems within the Camp Washington community in a non-intimidating, creative, and fun way. By incorporating  art education elements, they plan to increase access to fresh food in a welcoming and engaging manner.


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