Camp Washington Urban Farm

The mission of the Camp Washington Urban Farm (CWUF) is to increase access to locally produced food for residents of Camp Washington area food desert.

Our vision is to transform an underutilized urban space into an urban farm to provide greenery, produce natural food, grow community-wide partnerships, and foster principles of teamwork through teaching, working, harvesting, and, eating.

Info: Camp Washington Urban Farm, 3220 Colerain Avenue (behind Valley Park and across the street from the Salt Dome on Monmouth at I-75)

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CWUF drawing

Purpose: We grow fresh vegetables for food pantries in Camp Washington and Northside. We are also growing garlic for Findlay Market. In the summer of 2016, the CAMP mobilized, building the Camp Washington Art & Mobile Produce (CAMP) cart, funded by an Engage Cincinnati grant through the City of Cincinnati City Manager’s office. The CAMP cart offers fresh produce and fun art projects for kids at various locations in Camp Washington (at the Camp Washington Pool at 1201 Stock and other spots). This project is a partnership between Camp Washington Community Board, Wave Pool Gallery, and U.C. food mapping folks.

River City Correctional Center residents and neighborhood volunteers help grow and harvest fresh produce, install fencing, build tool and donkey sheds, help with compost. Thanks to United-Maier Signs for our signs; Garden Street Recycling and Dixie Crane for our sturdy donkey shed. Thanks to Anna Gorman O’Connell for farm logo.

Six Garden Beds in Back of property:

We grow tomatoes, peppers, garlic, and, herbs.

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To Donate:

Camp Washington Community Board, Inc.

(A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization)

2951 Sidney Avenue

Cincinnati, Ohio 45225

We are a recognized community garden with the Civic Garden Center.

CWUF rain barrel  volunteering camp-washington-farm