Camp Washington Chili Sponsors Bates Avenue Community Garden

Camp Washington Chili to Sponsor Bates Community Garden

Maria Papakirk from Camp Washington Chili is always on the lookout to do good things. Her affiliation with the Civic Garden Center convinced her to do something good right here in her own back yard.


Camp Washington Chili, a Camp tradition for 75 years, is well known for its chili. Through the exposure of the restaurant, Maria figures sponsoring the garden will bring new people into Camp, not only to volunteer in the garden, but also to take time to visit our Urban Farm, see the newly-renovated houses by the Camp Washington Community Board, visit the American Sign Museum, shop the retail strip, and, picnic in Valley Park. Our garden can help us grow new supporters of Camp, adding more vitality to our community.

Thanks to Maria, Tracey Meade Garden Design, Mimi Rook and Ashleigh Schieszer, Jared Queen, River City Correctional Center director Lisa Titus, and, our Community Organizer, Joseph Gorman. We hope to have the Bates Garden on a Civic Garden Tour this summer. Much thanks as well to Greg Potter, Community Gardens Coordinator. If you have questions about the Civic Garden Center programs, call Greg at 221-0981 x 16.


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