CC-A & UM Zoning Designation Comparison

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As most of you probably already know, the Camp Washington Community Council asked the city to pull the trigger on a zoning study that is part of the “Made in Camp” plan previously approved by the various citizens’ groups in Camp.

Zoning is, no question, some pretty heady stuff, and it seems there’s been all sorts of information, both correct and incorrect, floating around the neighborhood.

In an effort to honestly explain the differences between the Commercial Community – Auto-oriented (CC-A) and Urban Mix (UM) zoning designations, I compiled the attached document. The document explains the key differences between the two designations, which are really not all that different. The document was fact checked by the city’s Planning Department.

The document can be found here: UM – CCA Zoning Comparison 11-30-18

Please feel free to call me at 513-256-8908 with any questions.

For the good of the order,


James Heller-Jackson
Executive Director, Camp Washington Business Association
Community Organizer, Camp Washington Community Board

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