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Camp Washington is an urban residential neighborhood located three miles north of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, between Northside and Clifton. For young folks priced out of Northside and OTR, Camp Washington is a great place to consider buying a home and setting up a business. A lot of artists are moving into Camp as the spaces here are cheap, accessible to expressways, and, the safest neighborhood in District 5. With a vibrant community council, a powerful business association, and, a kick-ass community development board, Camp is a true “social enterprise” in action Plus, we own and operate MAD MAX BINGO!!!

During the U.S.-Mexican War Camp Washington was an important military location, training five-thousand, five-hundred and thirty-six soldiers who went to war. Camp also hosted the first Ohio State Fair.

Camp Washington Chili is a Smithsonian Museum icon. The American Sign Museum offers visitors a unique perspective of the history of signs (plus, it’s just a cool place to visit). We have several historic businesses here, including, Queen City Sausage, Reliable Castings, Osborne Coinage (the largest private mint in the world), Kao USA, Inc., Meyer Tool, are among the 150 companies in Camp Washington. We started the Urban Farm 5 years ago to help grow fresh produce for residents.

Some very exciting investment trends are happening in Camp today.  Come to Camp!

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Our People at Work

Paul Rudemiller at a renovation site





Joe Gorman at the Camp Washington Community Board office





We have four organizations that serve the residents, business owners, friends, and, guests of Camp Washington.

The Camp Washington Community Board, Inc. is a development corporation founded in 1975 that specializes in saving, rehabbing, and selling single-family houses in Camp. These houses have been abandoned, foreclosed, or in terrible shape. The community board puts these houses back on line, first by completely renovating the homes, and, then, by finding good homeowners to live in them.

The Camp Washington Community Council was chartered in September 1981. The council is the officially-recognized civic organization by the City of Cincinnati to represent Camp Washington. We provide a public, respectful, open forum for Camp Washington residents and businesses to express concerns, issues, and ideas to make Camp a better place.

The Camp Washington Community School was chartered February 1988. We hold G.E.D. and tutoring classes two days a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. If Cincinnati Public Schools are closed because of weather, we will be also closed. Our instructor is Anne Skove.

The Camp Washington Business Association was re-started in March 2006 (from the original Camp Washington Business Men’s Club, 1909). The business association has seventy (70) paid member companies. It has four goals: business networking, communication, promote safety, and, advocate interests. Much of our business is conducted through monthly luncheons.

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