Executive Director Search

Good news… we’re looking for a new Executive Director of the Camp Washington Community Board. For almost 200 years, Camp Washington has been the most important neighborhood in all of Greater Cincinnati.

Think about it.

In the mid 1840’s the Camp was an important military location during the U.S.-Meican War.


In 1850, the first Ohio State Fair was held in Camp.

Nearly 90 years later Camp Washington Chili was founded.

In 2002, Cincinnati Freedom (a cow) escaped a Camp slaughterhouse for almost two weeks.

This escape made national news.

Maybe most important however, Camp Washington is experiencing a renaissance right now like no other. We are looking for a fearless leader. Someone who is talented enough to understand the perfect match of Industry and Artistry that makes Camp Washington what it is today.

For more information and how to apply, click here: ED Job Description